Enhancing the quality of distance learning at Western Balkan higher education institutions

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(DEV) 1. Review and analyze existing European DL pract. and princ. for QA and accreditation of DL study programs in HE
• 1.1 Analysis of existing European practice and principles for quality assurance in DL
• 1.2 Analysis of the policy level documents addressing internal/external accreditation of DL study programs in HE
• 1.3 e-Learning Benchmarks: review on benchmarking methodology and quality monitoring tools

(DEV) 2. Establish the framework for improving DL QA and eLearning methodology on HE institutional level in WB PCs
• 2.1 Analysis of existing WB practice in DL and cross-matching with European practices and standards
• 2.2 Define eLearning methodology and QA issues for content, delivery and support processes
• 2.3 Stakeholders seminars (feedback, advice, and validation)
• 2.4 Development of Handbook for QA in DL
• 2.5 Develop policy and plan roadmap for implementing and managing QA in DL

(DEV) 3. Improvement and development of regulations for DL in HE in WB countries
• 3.1 Tuning of existing legal framework for HE in WB countries to specify DL
• 3.2 Improvement and development of accreditation standards, guidelines and procedures for DL study programs in the WB region
• 3.3 Improvement of the university regulatory documents and procedures to include specific reference to DL option in study programmes

(DEV) 4. Retraining-training of HE education auth. involved in DL from each PC acting as assessors and trainers
• 4.1 Training of members of Accreditation Commissions and HE public authorities
• 4.2 Training of official reviewers for DL study programs
• 4.3 Training of trainers for university academic and administrative staff that will instruct further in DL in HE
• 4.4 Seminars organized by the national authorities in education to mark the start of implementing improved standards in PCs

(QPLN) 5. Quality Control and Monitoring
• 5.1 Internal quality monitoring, assessment and control
• 5.2 External quality control and monitoring
• 5.3 Inter-Tempus coaching

(DISS) 6. Dissemination
• 6.1 Establish and maintain interactive project website
• 6.2 Organize workshops, round tables and special sessions for dissem. of intermediate and final results in each PC
• 6.3 Start up annual regional conference "E-learning and knowledge society"
• 6.4 Start up online journal “eLearning and Quality of instruction”

(EXP) 7. Sustainability
• 7.1 Development of sustainability strategy of relevant project results at the national levels
• 7.2 Build capacity for securing adequate resources for the quality assurance of DL in WB region
• 7.3 The initiatives for start-up Balkan academic distance education network – BADEN

(MNGT) 8. Management
• 8.1 Overall project management activities
• 8.2 Project coordination meetings
• 8.3 Regional coordination meetings