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University of Kragujevac, Serbia
Jovana Cvijića bb, Kragujevac


Contact person:
Dr Danijela Milošević
University of Kragujevac
Technical Faculty Čačak
Svetog Save 65, 32000 Čačak,

phone:(+381) 32 302-714
mail: danijela.milosevic@ftn.kg.ac.rs


TEMPUS DL@WEB training visit to Paul Cezanne University


TEMPUS DL@WEB training visit to Paul Cezanne University

Aix en Provence, France - 9 -13 May, 2011


Tempus DL@WEB team visited Paul Cezanne University and had several interesting and very useful meetings, one of which was held at the IAE Aix Graduate School of Management, located near the Aix-en-Provence. Several people were present at the meeting, including Patrick Rousseau, the director (dean) of the IAE Aix School and Associate Professor Kirt Wood, marketing director.

University Paul Cezanne - Aix en Provence

Presentation 1: Innovation&Leadership
Presentation 2: Euro MBA

University Paul Cezanne - Aix Marseille

Presentation 1: Quality in Distance learning - Case of Ms degree in Information Science
Presentation 2: Distance teaching - Case study
Presentation 3: University degree (e-learning) - Harbour Management and International Trade