Enhancing the quality of distance learning at Western Balkan higher education institutions

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Project Coordinator

University of Kragujevac, Serbia
Jovana Cvijića bb, Kragujevac


Contact person:
Dr Danijela Milošević
University of Kragujevac
Technical Faculty Čačak
Svetog Save 65, 32000 Čačak,

phone:(+381) 32 302-714
mail: danijela.milosevic@ftn.kg.ac.rs


Training for IERK students and staff


Workshop "Training of prospective students from the Kotor Institute for Education and Rehabilitation of hearing and speech disorders on distance learning studies" is organized in the framework of Tempus project "Enhancing the Quality of Distance Learning at Western Balkan Higher Education Institutions" DL@WEB, ref. no. 511126-TEMPUS-1-2010-1-RS-TEMPUS-SMGR, as well as Inter-Tempus coaching with Tempus SINC@HE Support and Inclusion of students with disabilities at higher education institutions in Montenegro – SINC@HE.