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University of Kragujevac, Serbia
Jovana Cvijića bb, Kragujevac


Contact person:
Dr Danijela Milošević
University of Kragujevac
Technical Faculty Čačak
Svetog Save 65, 32000 Čačak,

phone:(+381) 32 302-714
mail: danijela.milosevic@ftn.kg.ac.rs


BADEN dissemination session - epprobate roll out

September 27, 2012, eLearning conference Belgrade, Serbia


Epprobate rollout was organized as invited presentation called “Epprobate roll out for Western Balkan: The international quality label for eLearning courseware” by Marjan Milošević, BADEN’s certified courseware head reviewer.

After a brief intro to quality of e-learning basics, the preview of most popular quality schemes was given, followed by comprehensive description of epprobate initiative, courseware quality label, certification process and quality grid. The activity of courseware certification is mentioned as a very important BADEN's task. Presentation was followed by numerous questions about label scope, reviewers’ objectivity and label validity period.