Enhancing the quality of distance learning at Western Balkan higher education institutions

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Project Coordinator

University of Kragujevac, Serbia
Jovana Cvijića bb, Kragujevac


Contact person:
Dr Danijela Milošević
University of Kragujevac
Technical Faculty Čačak
Svetog Save 65, 32000 Čačak,

phone:(+381) 32 302-714
mail: danijela.milosevic@ftn.kg.ac.rs


Project Dissemination and Sustainibility

The main motivation for dissemination, from the point of view of a project, is increasing the awareness of distance learning possibilities and quality assurance issues in DL study programs among various stakeholders in WB partner countries. By having appropriate dissemination activities we plan to develop sustainable final project outputs, leading to improved accreditation standards, guidelines and procedures for DL study programs and establishing the quality assurance system for online teaching in WB region.

At the first coordination meeting of project consortium members we shall define dissemination plan for dissemination of intermediate and final results in each partner country. Dissemination plan will be crucial for the achievement of sustainability of final outputs.
Optimal use of the results during and beyond the lifetime of the project will be ensure with development of sustainability strategy of relevant project results at the national levels. The needed conditions and actions for exploitation of the project results will be stated by these strategic documents.
All officially adopted documents which result from the project directly contribute and guarantee that the project results will have a tangible impact and multiplier effects for enhancing the quality of distance learning at national and regional level.
The capacity for securing adequate resources for continuation of accreditation processes of DL study programs and enhancing the quality of DL at national and regional level in WB region will be ensured trough project results related to DL accreditation policy, guidelines and procedures for DL study programs, retrained teaching and public authority staff and retrained accreditation reviewers..
As project partners, national Ministries of Education, National Councils and Accreditation Commission will ensure that the achieved results of the project will be sustainable in the long term (financially, institutionally and at policy level).
The initiatives for start-up of Balkan Academic Distance Education Network – BADEN for promoting the quality in e- Learning and start-up an online journal “eLearning and Quality of instruction” will be established at new annual regional conference “E-learning in the knowledge society” as efficient activities for further dissemination and sustainability of achieved project results.
Experience gathered during the project realization will be very important for future educational work, as it will influence further revision and accreditation of new DL curricula.
New generations of DL students at WB universities will be educated according to the improved DL methodology and enhanced quality. The work on further improvement of DL studies at regional level covered by this project is necessary in the new conditions of increased students and teachers mobility that will also increase competition for better studies among universities in the country and abroad.